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infinityproject's Journal

The Infinity Project (A Species' Compendium)
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This journal is devoted to a free (or, if necessary, dirt cheap) compendium (digest) of all human knowledge. Obviously this is an impossible task, to put every bit of information into one source, but we should try to include as much useful information as possible. Possible topics? you name them. how about: how to build a computer, how to grow your your own weed, how to manufacture a car, how does a gas mask work, why is the sky blue?, why did the hindenberg..well, you get the drift. if your a nerd, information junkie, or just bored, JOIN! we need as much help as we can get. ok, even if you dont want to join, tell me why. whats wrong with this community? (of course if your just blissfully ignorant and would like to remain that way, dont bother). if theres too much action here, EVER, and you want to unsub, tell me. we'll start a system to keep it to a max of ONE POST per subject. i'll explain if this arises. have fun and happy learning/teaching.