a conglomeration of demented midgets squared (lazserus) wrote in infinityproject,
a conglomeration of demented midgets squared

Broken Symmetry Solution for the Existence of Dark Energy?

In the model of a super hot expanding universe directly following the big bang the cosmic forces (electromagnetic forces, gravitational forces, strong/weak nuclear forces) were all symmetrical, or acting as one force. In the big crunch model the universe would normally lose its momentum and gravitational forces would overcome all the other forces and pull all the matter back in towards itself. Well, in an inflationary expansion the symmetry of the forces would eventually be broken as the universe cools over its expansion. In an expanding universe matter would eventually cool, losing energy that gives it momentum. This would explain our current situation as of 1996, prior to the '97 supernova sealing us into an accelerating Universe. When the universe would reach a certain temperature closer to absolute zero or just below the symmetry is broken. Once the symmetry is broken, or possibly during the breaking, all the energy left from the unbroken symmetry would be released rapidly, causing the universe to heat once again and continue to expand and then cool. This would explain why the universe is always expanding at that critical rate above the Hubble constant to prevent gravity from slowing matter down. This could also explain why we observe irregular temperatures in the Cosmic Microwave Background. The unbroken symmetrical energy released from breaking symmetry is our dark energy. This is merely speculation on my part, but it makes a lot more sense than just saying it's a mysterious form of energy we know nothing about.

A primitive theory, yet decent in content.
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